Municipal Padron, what is it?

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Brief summary on what is a padron and how to register

What is the municipal padron?

The municipal register or padron contains the number of inhabitants in a municipality and is very important as the number of people registered affects the economic distribution that the city receives from the central government. The greater the number of registered voters, the greater the amount of funds that a city hall receives for local infrastructure and services.

Note that registration does not alter your fiscal status.

What are the benefits?

Healthcare: Regular doctor at the Healthcare centre closest to your home.

Infrastructures: More State aid for security, education, services

Vote: The right to vote in local and European elections (according to nationality)

Discounts: by registering at the Town Hall you will be entitled to receive discounts on municipal services

What do you need to register?

For EU residents: identity document form your country and, alongside this, the residence permit issued by the policie stations o just your passport

Rented acommodation: rental contract and utility bills

Owned acoomodation: deed or land registry report for the property

For minors: if they don't hold a passport, the same documetnation as the adults, except for those born in Spain who may use the family record book or birth certificate


Registration must be renewed as follows:

EU residents: 

- Every 2 years, for those who hold a NIE Number issued before 2007 or who have never received one

- Every 5 years for those who hold a NIE Number issued after 2007

Non-EU residents:

- Every 2 years, for those with temporary residency

- Every 5 years for those who have a permanent residence card or permit

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